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Lake Charles Rental Radios

Need dependable two-way radios, but only for a certain period of time? Kay Communications offers two-way radio rentals in Lake Charles, Sulphur and other areas of southern Louisiana.

We offer rentals of intrinsically safe two-way radios, meaning that they are designed to be used safely in hazardous environments such as oil rigs, engine rooms and other industrial settings. Choose any quantity from one radio to 500+ -- we have plenty of rental radios in stock to accommodate a wide range of requests and uses.

Our two-way radio rentals are available at low rates, and you can choose a daily, weekly, weekend or monthly rental according to whatever best fits your radio rental needs. As an authorized Motorola dealer, we have several models of portable radios to choose from -- including VHF/UHF or 800/900 MHz models, conventional, digital or trunking configurations.

For all your mobile radio or high powered walkie talkie rental needs in Sulphur or Lake Charles, call Kay Communications and reserve your equipment today!